we’ll leave International Space Station and build our own

Russia is prepared to begin constructing its own area station with the goal of launching it into orbit by 2030 when President Vladimir Putin provides the go-ahead, the mind of its Roscosmos space agency has stated.

“In the event 2030, in accord with our aims, we could place it into orbit, and it is going to be a massive breakthrough,” Interfax news agency quoted Roscosmos main Dmitry Rogozin as stating. “The will is there to have a fresh step into world manned space exploration”

Russian cosmonauts have worked together with counterparts in the USA and 16 other nations concerning the ISS as 1998. It’s among the closest areas of cooperation between Moscow and Washington, whose connections are differently in crisis over individual rights, cyberattacks and other troubles.

Rogozin said the Russian channel, unlike the ISS, would likely be permanently crewed since its orbit route could introduce it to high radiation. However, cosmonauts would see, and it would also utilize artificial intelligence and robots.

He said Russia was prepared to contemplate allowing overseas crews to see,”however, the channel has to be federal… If you need to do well, do it yourself”.

Interfax quoted an unnamed source as saying that Russia intended to invest around $6bn to have the project started.

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