NASA’s Perseverance rover retains making history.

The six-wheeled robot has transformed some carbon dioxide in the Martian air into oxygen, the very first time that has occurred on a different world, the space agency said Wednesday.

The technology demonstration happened on April 20, and it has estimated future variations of this experimental tool which has been used could pave the way for future human exploration.

Not only does the procedure create oxygen for prospective astronauts to breathe, but it may make hauling huge amounts of oxygen from Earth to utilize as rocket propellant for the return travel unnecessary.

The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Happens — or MOXIE — is a gold box the size of a vehicle battery, and can be located within the front side of the rover.

Dubbed a”mechanical shrub”, it uses chemistry and electricity to divide carbon dioxide molecules, which can be composed of one carbon atom and two oxygen molecules.

Additionally, it generates carbon dioxide as a byproduct.

In its very first run, MOXIE made 5 g of oxygen, equal to approximately 10 minutes of oxygen to get an astronaut carrying out regular action.

MOXIE’s engineers will run more tests and try to measure its output. It’s made to have the ability to produce around ten g of oxygen per hour.

A thin gold coating ensures that it does not radiate its warmth and damage the rover.

MIT engineer Michael Hecht explained a 1 ton edition of MOXIE could create the roughly 55,000 pounds (25 tons) of oxygen required for a rocket to blast away from Mars.

Producing oxygen out of Mars’ 96% carbon dioxide air may be a more viable option than pulling ice from beneath its surface subsequently electrolyzing it to make oxygen.

Its miniature helicopter Ingenuity made history this week by reaching the first powered flight on a different world.

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