Tackling the climate catastrophe is just one of President Joe Biden’s top priorities, and NASA has produced a new part to coincide.

The senior climate adviser will report directly to NASA’s secretary and operate with a range of bureau departments which touch on climate.

“He has been engaged with climate-change modeling and research for several decades, I believe he will do a terrific job,” acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk told Space.com.

In terms of filling the position to the long term, that may await the Biden government to recycle and the Senate to support a new NASA administrator,” he explained.

“Our aim is to ideally at the not-too-distant future possess a NASA administrator nominated and verified and find that person on board and see how they’d love to fill that place,” Jurczyk explained.

NASA is among the national government’s key providers of observations concerning our world and its climate and atmosphere. The bureau operates almost two dozen Earth-observing satellites and lots of tools connected to the International Space Station devoted to analyzing Earth, according to NASA; more than a dozen more assignments are being designed. These jobs research everything from sea temperatures and ice hockey protection into atmospheric composition and plant.

Nevertheless, the senior climate adviser will not be restricted to those assignments, Jurczyk explained. The position can also be intended to utilize, as an instance, NASA’s aeronautics division to use fuel more effectively or with other agencies to develop energy technologies to be used in space and on Earth alike.

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