Don’t touch ‘orphaned’ or ‘abandoned’ wildlife, Texas Parks & Wildlife warns

“Species like birds, snakes, and deer are busy this time of their youthful often stray or seem to be abandoned,” according to a news release.

“Well-meaning individuals occasionally pick these up fawns, believing they have been left by their own mothers and need assistance. This is seldom true.”

All young animals must be left alone unless they’re clearly injured or orphaned.

Officials recommend spending some time observing the creature from space to attempt to decipher whether the animal has been abandoned or is hurt.

“Staying too near can dissuade the mom from returning so make sure you practice your social skills. By working too soon, you might be doing more damage than good,” according to this news release.

TPWD officials state whether a baby bird’s eyes are available, it’s a coat of feathers, and is hopping around it is most likely fine. “Grounded fledglings will ordinarily be up and flying in a couple of days.”

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