Chinese scientists claim to have assembled a quantum computer which can perform specific computations almost 100 trillion times faster than the planet’s most sophisticated supercomputer, representing that the initial landmark in the nation’s attempts to develop the technologies.

That is considerably faster than existing supercomputers.

The breakthrough represents a quantum sonic benefit, also referred to as quantum supremacy, where no conventional computer may execute the identical job in a fair period of time and is not likely to be overturned by hardware or algorithmic enhancements, according to the research.

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While still in its infancy, quantum computing has been regarded as the key to dramatically improving the processing speed and power of computers, allowing them to simulate large systems and induce advances in mathematics, chemistry and other areas. Chinese investigators are competing against leading U.S. businesses from Alphabet Inc.’s Google into Inc. and Microsoft Corp. to get a lead to the technology, that has come to be another leading to the U.S.-China technology race.

Google said last year it’s assembled a computer that could perform a computation within 200 minutes which could require the fastest supercomputers around 10,000 decades, attaining quantum supremacy. The Chinese researchers assert their new prototype can process 10 billion times faster compared to Google’s prototype, according to the Xinhua report.

At the U.S., the Trump government provided $1 billion in financing to research into artificial intelligence and quantum data before this year, and it has sought to take charge for Google’s 2019 breakthrough.

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