Extract from the August 1, 1970 issue of Science News

Mauna Kea Open, Science News, August 1, 1970 –

The New Hawaii University of Mauna Kea’s New Observatory completed and performed the groundbreaking ceremonies. At 13,780 feet above the island of Hawaii, the new observatory is the tallest in the world. The main instrument is an 88-inch reflector telescope, worth $ 3 million to build.
There are now more than a dozen large telescopes on Mauna Kea, operated by various organizations. These telescopes revolutionized astronomy and helped unravel the rapidly expanding universe and provide evidence of a black hole in the middle of the Milky Way. But telescopes have long sparked controversy as the volcanic eruption is sacred to local Hawaiians. Protests have raged since 2014 in response to an attempt to build a 30-meter telescope. Opponents block development by blocking only one access road to the site. Some scientists have spoken out against the location of the telescope. The 30-meter telescope collaboration cites the Canary Islands as a place of safeguard.


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